Want to Thrive as a Yoga Teacher? How to find success while on the yogic path.

January 19, 2019 | Dr. Satyavani Gayatri

At the core of yoga is the creation of stability and balance in movement, in breathing, in emotions, in thinking and in life. All the ideas and practices that comprise yoga exist to bring focus to our dharma, to remove karmic seeds, to eliminate selfishness and to broaden our minds in ever expanding ways. Yoga establishes a path to achieve true freedom, liberation, moksha, in the midst of the world where we live, not separate from it, but immersed in it in all its messiness. Through the dedicated and daily practice of yoga we develop awareness, understanding and acceptance that leads to an internal peace and joy that manifests outwardly as an unrelenting desire and practice to share unconditional love with society. By way of our inward exploration we learn to let go, to be without worry about success or failure, becoming living models awakened to True Consciousness.

“The principle of hatha yoga and tantra is ‘practice and realize’ rather than talk and philosophize” (HYP, p. 603). “A yogi [yogini] lives it, his [or her life] is [their] teaching” (HYP, p. 603). This is how we succeed.

Each day begins with Ayurvedic and yoga practices that create, balance and further understanding of one’s potential. These routines affect change in the physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. The care taken in the daily rituals are integral to the deep exploration of the Self.  “Be careful my dear, you are dealing with Prana!”

Dr. Satyavani Gayatri

Dr. Satyavani Gayatri, Ed.D, AHP has 27 years of experience in Ayurveda, Yoga and Spiritual teaching both domestically and abroad in India, China and Southeast Asia. She holds advanced credentials in Education, Yoga and was initiated as an Acharya (spiritual teacher) in 2016 as part of the Kripalu lineage. She has a regular Ayurvedic medicine practice in Boise, ID as part of the ZenSpot Institute for Vedic & Taoist Studies where she is co-founder. Her focus these days is on her year-long program The Ayurvedic Woman where she assists women on the path of Ayurveda, Yoga and Spirituality to find their true selves.

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