Spiritual/Life Coaching at The ZenSpot is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires clients to maximize their personal and spiritual potential - how the universe intended.

Explore you.

Spiritual/Life Coaching at The ZenSpot is an exploratory process that helps you define and cultivate goals on both the personal and spiritual planes in a safe environment.

What should I expect from a coaching session?

Each session is a journey that examines the spiritual and complete self through a series of open-ended inquiries and discoveries around "what-ifs" and "why nots" - creating space for pure happiness and love in all areas of life.

Pricing & Packages

Select the Coaching session/package that suits your needs.
Coaching Pricing
Single Spiritual/Life Coaching Session
75-Minute Session
Coaching Pricing
New Client 60-Minute Special
60-Minute Session