Creating positive change now

Fundamental to understanding our world are the constants that everything is comprised of energy, and energy is in an ongoing state of flux. This energy may be called chi (chee), prana or ki (key). As it relates to Feng Shui (fung schway), chi translates to mean the invisible and visible energies of wind and water. Whether we pay attention to energy or not, we are affected moment by moment.

Seven types of chi may be identified: breath chi, food chi, original chi, internal chi, external chi, nutritive chi and protective chi. The interplay of chi, the five elements and the qualities of yin and yang represent core principles of Feng Shui. These principles suggest rules of engagement that hone awareness and support the adeptness with which one learns to balance the flow of energy in a favorable way.

As an applied discipline Feng Shui offers insight into the arrangement and use of objects. How are your home, office and community arranged? Do they support the smooth flow of energy, thus promoting health and vitality? Or are there aspects creating blockages, resulting in disparity and strife? Often that which is viewed as trendy and popular constitutes poor design and presents harmful energy. This may take the form of a structure, food, clothing, furniture and a myriad of other presentations and practices.

To affect change now, here are a few recommendations:

• Establish a direct line of sight to any entrance;
• Eliminate clutter;
• Ensure the bed is offset from the entrance to a room;
• Choose furniture with rounded and soft edges;
• Remove or reduce electronics and mirrors in bedrooms, gyms, restaurants;
• Pair objects;
• Provide regular maintenance and keep everything working;
• Create mixed use;
• Support diversity;
• Institute equitable pay for all;
• Breathe clean air;
• Eat vegetarian or vegan;
• Build with quality to last beyond a lifetime.

These general practices will create a positive flow of energy that nurtures health and good fortune for all.