Functional Medicine

A personalized approach to health care offering a detailed comprehensive and innovative way to finding the underlying root cause of the imbalance with care and compassion. The focus is on intestinal and muscle -skeletal concerns to assist you in discovering what is holding you back from living a vibrant life.
Eastern Ayurveda Meets Western Functional Medicine.

Initial Consultation

This first session is designed to give a generous amount of time to meet you, understand your health concerns, personal life history, and your wellness goals. I also spend 1-2 hours prior to your appointment going over your new patient forms to develop a wellness plan. At the appointment, recommendations will be giving to foster optimal wellness such as: lifestyle interventions, food influences, stress management, sleep interventions, potential functional medicine lab work to further investigate the physiological root cause and supplements as needed to support your body.


Follow-Up Session

This session is designed to continue your wellness journey by reviewing your progress, discussing any lab work results and update any recommendations and/or supplements.


10 - 20 Minute Q&A Session

This is designed to give you fast access for questions and/or concerns that require a more detailed response prior to your next session. This is done via your preference of phone, email, or online zoom call after your first intake.

What Happens During A Functional Medicine Session?

An in depth appointment to discover the root cause of your health concerns and personalized holistic recommendations to rebalance your body, mind and emotions for optimal health. This does include a personal health and lifestyle history, assessment of health concerns, examination of diet, stress and exercise patterns as well as a physical examination.

Functional Medicine Pricing

Select the Functional Medicine session that suits your needs.
Initial Consultation
1.5 - 2 hours
Follow-Up Session
45 minutes - 1 hour
10-20 Minute Q&A Session
10 - 20 minutes