Casey Scott
Jyotish Astrologer

Casey Scott is a certified practitioner of Vedic Astrology through the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science, founded by Sam Sadasiva Geppi.

Casey’s childhood was split between living with his mother in Calgary, Canada and spending summers with his father in Portland, Oregon. He returned to the United States full time and started his career shortly after graduating high school, bypassing a college education to follow the path less traveled; old fashioned “work your way up from the bottom”. 20 years later he’s a self-employed owner of 2 businesses, happily married and raising 2 beautiful children in Eagle, Idaho.

After 2 years of intense study with Sam Sadasiva Geppi, Casey observed that Vedic Astrology was missing simple resources that can demonstrate to a beginner the basics of what to do and how it works. Casey’s 20 years of experience in the field of drafting & structural engineering made him uniquely qualified to create a beginners blueprint for this spiritual science.

Casey’s goal is to provide clients & students with a strong foundation to build upon by focusing on the fundamentals and connecting the technical details with universal concepts. With many of the other ancient Yogic practices already embraced in the west, Casey feels that it’s his dharma to help share this ancient wisdom with the modern world.