What Is A Life Transition Doula?

Doulas provide emotional, spiritual, and physical support at an intensely personal and crucial time. They assist people in finding meaning, creating a legacy project, and planning for how the last days will unfold. Doulas also guide and support loved ones through the last days of life and ease the suffering of grief in its early stages. Doulas are not a replacement for Hospice or medical care. They serve in conjunction with the client's medical team as a part of the care plan.
What Should I Expect From Working With A Life Transition Doula?

End of Life Doulas work with people exploring options for care prior to death & after to ensure that it is managed the way that you decide for your transition.  This allows you to exercise maximum control over your medical care & representation, as well as what will happen once you have transitioned. The process of discussing mortality can create peace-of-mind, paving the way for more joyful living, secure in the knowledge that you’ve taken the steps to ensure your wishes. Whether you have opted to transition at home or are under hospital or hospice care, we help provide physical, emotional, spiritual and informational care & support.

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