Heather Lowe, DPT
Functional Medicine & Aromatherapy Practitioner

Dr. Heather’s passion is to facilitate optimal health, wellness and function for others. Whether through physical therapy, functional medicine or essential oils; finding the hidden root cause is key to creating the path to a pain free and high quality life. She specializes with people who have intestinal concerns and ongoing muscle-skeletal problems. Working together, you can have a vibrant life!

Her educational and clinical background includes: Doctor of Physical Therapy (specializing in manual therapy), certified athletic trainer (prevent, manage and evaluate injuries), certified strength and conditioning specialist. This experience has enabled her to understand the details of a muscle-skeletal system root causes. However, she wanted to help people ( and herself!) further; therefore, she expanded her education to include functional medicine to find the biochemical and physiological root causes that is behind most concerns. She embraces the art and science of natural approaches and quality essential oils as an important part to restoring balance physically, emotionally, mentally. A well rounded approach for true solutions (not a band aid approach) for your most pressing wellness goals.