Jennifer Keck, RYT200
Office Manager, Yoga Instructor & Environmentalist

Jennifer discovered the benefits of yoga, mediation and breath work during recovery from a stroke. The more she learned about positive impacts yoga has on the brain the more she wanted to practice and learn. The more she practiced and learned the stronger and more grounded she became. All aspects of her life improved; including balance, strength and focus. She considers herself still very much a work in progress!

She completed her 200-hour training with the ZenSpot Institute in Costa Rica and is constantly in learning mode as she continues to expand her practice and knowledge. She is incredibly grateful to have found amazing, passionate instructors and students that continue to inspire her to be her best on and off my mat.

She tends to teach a vigorous vinyasa style class because that is where her yoga experience (outside of free internet videos) began.

Expect to be welcomed in a lighthearted session meant to get everybody moving, sweating and breathing.